The Mayfarer magazine shines a light on Mayfair’s culture and history, promoting its businesses, championing its people and highlighting connections between two of the most fascinating and colourful areas in London – Covent Garden (where our sister publication The Covent Gardener resides) and now Mayfair.

The name The Mayfarer is a play on words combining Mayfair with ‘wayfarer’, an allusion to the very short walk between our two areas. Woven through both magazines are fascinating connections to each other. The more we look the more connections we find.

The Mayfarer is packed full of illustrations, fun facts, regular columns and tips for restaurants, shopping and so much more.


PIERO PUBLISHING is the print media company behind, The Covent Gardener, The Mayfarer and The Palace Papers. Piero Publishing specialise in creating highly illustrated, quirky and collectable, luxury print magazines.


The Covent Gardener

The widest read magazine in Covent Garden dedicated to exploring and celebrating the area!

Published 4 times a year, The Covent Gardener shines a light on the area’s culture and history, to promote businesses and champion its people.

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The Mayfarer

Following in the footsteps of its sister publication The Covent Gardener.The Mayfarer Magazine, named as such, plays on words combining Mayfair with ‘wayfarer.’ Dedicated to the past, present and future of Mayfair. The Mayfarer highlights connections between two of the most fascinating and colourful areas in London – Covent Garden and Mayfair.

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The City Courant

The City Courant is the latest addition to our Piero Publishing family. Celebrating the City of London’s culture, history, businesses, and community. Issue 1 is dedicated to Elizabeth Mallet, the pioneering woman of print who against all the odds set up The Daily Courant, the first newspaper to be published in London in 1702.

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“The Covent Gardener is fiercely independent, properly informative and beautifully creative”
Jeremy King OBE

“A very Handsome magazine… a voice for Covent Garden”
Robert Elms BBC Radio London

“The area’s luxury quarterly”


Founder & Editor – Jeannine Saba

Associate Editor – Rachel Meddowes

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Executive Editor – Sophie Headley

Lifestyle Editor – Sophia Razvi

The Curious Wayfarer – Sasha Gusov

Marketing – Valerie Lindsay

Special Projects – Alicia Edwards

Copy Editor – Duncan Way

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