Issue 2


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I am looking forward to hearing what you think about our ‘Writers Issue’, celebrating everything from 19th century slang to print, self-publishing and correspondence. Cover Artist Hannah Robinson’s charming front page is the perfect mix. Can you spot which vibrant Mayfair area artist Hannah has her characters writing in?

With every morning now spent in Mayfair, I am slowly getting to know the community. Both the magazine and I have been incredibly welcomed to the area and Mayfair characters, I am discovering, are just as colourful as the ones over in Covent Garden; dare I say even a touch more eccentric?

As with each issue there are connections with our neighbouring area woven into our sister magazine The Covent Gardener.

We hear about art historian Lucy Moore’s love affair with libraries, Sophie Hedley regales us with stories of book launches, and Michael Osborne delves into the world of literary letters. We are honoured to spend time with one of Mayfair’s most elegant residents, acclaimed Lebanese writer Hanan al-Shaykh, whose bedroom window has overlooked Claridge’s for 47 years.

A personal highlight since launching The Mayfarer has been meeting the brilliant team of teachers headed up by Petra Slater at St George’s Hanover Square Primary School. We are working on a very special magazine project together, learning about the different departments, from editorial and advertising to writing and illustration, plus how important it is to have fun. We recently invited along one of my favourite Covent Gardener contributors Eileen Lam from Dolly Treasures, with ‘Ted’ in tow… What we created with Sycamore Class can be seen on the opposite page.

We also have a whole host of gift ideas featuring some unusual experiences, from thermal baths over in Covent Garden to axe-making in Suffolk!

In every issue, artist Adam Dant will add characters to our Mayfarer map. Can you spot who the new entries are? Do get in touch if you or your business would like the opportunity to be featured.

Please do say hello if you see me out and about in either Mayfair or Covent Garden going about my daily business …