Issue 3


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I am loving getting to know Mayfair on a completely different level, and with each issue I’m uncovering more stories and connections with our neighbouring area Covent Garden (where our sister magazine The Covent Gardener resides) which you will see gently woven into this issue. One story in particular inspired our What’s Cooking Issue…

Rumour had it that the 4th Earl of Sandwich, John Montagu loved to play cards in Mayfair and Covent Garden, and during hours of gambling became hungry and famously invented a meal between two slices of bread which has forever since borne his name. He was our inspiration when we collaborated with The Dorchester to create a special ‘Mayfarer sandwich’, available at Parcafé on Park Lane, with ingredients inspired and taken from the community over in Covent Garden (more in The Covent Gardener).

Our delightfully delicious cover by artist Chantall Veerman captures the Mayfair scene beautifully. Can you spot which kitchen, restaurant and bar she has illustrated? Tucking into this issue we hear from theatre historian Mark Fox who regales us with stories about legendary Chef Marguerite Patten cooking live on the stage of The London Palladium. She preferred to call herself “a home economist who liked to show off” rather than a celebrity chef. We visit the cellars of The Connaught where 30,000 bottle are housed, and we take a look around the drinking haunts at Shepherd Market.

Along with the Shopping, Local Knowledge and Food pages, we have added a new puzzle section. Do let us know if you had fun with this page and do try to solve the Mayfarer Rebus. Decipher the illustrations to find a well-known Mayfair character for a chance to win one night for two at renowned artist Antony Gormley’s giant abstract sculpture, ROOM, a unique suite inspired by the human body at The Beaumont Hotel (worth £1,000).

In every issue, artist Adam Dant will add characters to our Mayfarer map. Can you spot who the new entries are? Do get in touch if you or your business would like the opportunity to be featured.

Please do say hello if you see me out and about in either Mayfair or Covent Garden going about my daily business… it will be fair to say that during March and April, while our sandwich is on offer, I’ll be found perched inside Parcafé on Park Lane. Come and say hello and taste our sarnie for yourself.